An Important Announcement (August 12, 2019)

Hello everyone,

There is no reason/intention behind not answering any of the queries. Everyone should understand things doesn’t happen as we plan always, As everything is not only in our hands. If we take Apollo for example only people who is working on ground will know how many times back and forth we sent changes in the contract document based on the legal team feedback and brought it to the final level. And we are back of sare people for the place they occupied inside the premises and also for the documents.

We never hide anything on expenses and collection. We have shared with u all till April. It’s the general practices across all associations to share expenses details in GB. But still, we don’t want to stick to this hard-fast rule. We will soon make it online till then those who reside inside can visit the office to get the same and help your friends.

Bye-law will be amended soon. Again It took time as we are changing it from society welfare act to TN apartment owners act as suggested by our legal team. Currently, we have framed bye-law and it needs a review from our legal team. Once it is done then we will share it to all and convene GB after 21 days.

We are facing so many issues on resource handling. Housekeeping and gardening work is moving well now.
Security – once after we implement the gates and the ID cards we will see the changes. Stickers are already ready for the vehicles which will be issued once we have the required documents in hand from all Owners.

We will share the Lift Licence and AMC for lifts with u soon. We have submitted our documents online and it is in the final stage (Inspection needs to be done by govt officer, we have to bring them to visit our premises to Inspect).

I request everyone to understand one simple thing we are IT professionals hope the majority of the crowd can understand our work nature, we have kids and family to take care in spite of all this we put hell a lot of effort to improve our township we think and execute everything inefficient and cost-effective way. Certain things get delayed coz of this and certain things have its own phase of time. We are transparent and always wanted to be unless until u really don’t have any intention you just focus on improvement please put on your comments in a constructive way.

There is always a way to point out things. Wonder if they didn’t see any positives around. Please, we always welcome constructive feedback and advice and we do work on them.

People who reside inside can spend some time to visit the office to get their required details. Please don’t always expect things to fall into ur smartphone. And practically it is not possible to answer all the queries in WhatsApp or telegram. People can talk to us in person. But if your intention is just to find fault u will still find it for everything we do. Those who talk about the EC members work have to think about what they were doing when they are the EC member and moved out when asked to do work. We are efficiently using the people available and ready to work for us. We asked for some more volunteers we need to know who can help us either being as an EC member or helping us from outside none showed interest as of now.

We want to show you the progress and we were busy on the ground to make it happen.

1. Apollo – as already said contract signed. The place located for the clinic is occupied by sare which after several meetings and reminders they have agreed to vacate on Monday. So positively by the end of this month, we will have a clinic in place.

2. As you all know Drinking water sump walls are raised now – great relief wastewater will not mix up in sump now.

3. As next priority, we are going to raise the electric box high in lamp post before the raining season starts.

4. Planning to move expense details to ADDA.

5. Locking EB rooms and terrace(we know it is pending for long due to huge money needed to fix immediately)

6. A legal team formed (Mr.Allam Aslam(SSQ Lawyer), Mr.Shivakumar, Mr.Raman, Mr.Mahadevan). If anyone who has knowledge of legal aspect can join this team anytime to contribute your ideas to tackle Sare.

7. Soon you all will get updates on transportation(Pickup/Drop at bus stand). We are working on it. Permanent Transportation in the name of SARE SQUIRES is key to attract decent tenants into SARE.

8. Planning to put Fence in L block to block unwarranted people into our area and also planning to put grill gates on all entrance.

9. Very soon we will get Laundry shop and Super Market( they should sell products less than MRP) in our campus.

10. Very soon we will get 650 sqft high-class kids club room with mini library.

11. Very soon we will install a few new street lights in clubhouse road as we get many complaints from Owners.

12. Other than this we are following it with panchayat for road, water, street light as well

For typing this I have spent almost 60 mins and we know people will ask n number of question and it will eat up our time. Instead, at least whoever is living inside please visit/at least speak to OFB and get updates and you can inform the updates in the social forum it will be of great help to us and everyone knows the real facts what is SSQ doing here.

Association is for all and everyone should have the responsibility to improve our township. Again people especially senior citizens who can help us in sharing some tasks are welcome!

We can easily appoint many people to do all our administration tasks but we feel its not the time to engage more workers in SSQ office. Still, we are functioning without any sort of corpus amount in hand. We must spend each penny very carefully. This is again debatable topic and it can be discussed briefly in GBM and based on that we can move forward.


The Secretary
Sare Squires

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