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Dear Members / Owners / Residents,

  1. The Gist of the General body meeting held on 18-Jun-2017 has been circulated already. As decided in the meeting, we have represented the road issue and it has been concluded that further a meeting will be held in the presence of Sub-Collector. We are expecting the meeting to be held in the 1st week of July 2017. Road and other issues will be pursued appropriately with the Government Authorities. We will keep you informed about the developments.

  2. School: Tripartite meeting was held 27-Jun-2017 with Velammal School Authorities, SARE Homes and SARE SQUIRES. SARE Homes had agreed to provide land of 2.5 acres for school and the School Authorities visited the proposed site. The next meeting will be with the CEO of Velammal School. We are following the matter.

  3. We have come to know that some residents have submitted a Memorandum on the road issue without the knowledge of SARE SQUIRES. In the Memorandum they have referred the Minutes of the Peace Meeting, which was the outcome of the tripartite meeting held at Tahsildar office, after our agitation. Some of our members have also signed in that Memorandum without ascertaining the actual facts. They have misused our tripartite document and also taken our association and office bearer’s names while collecting the signatures from our members/Residents. In the memorandum submitted, they have alleged Government Officials. That was the position of SARE AUTHORITIES and not SARE SQUIRES. This is clear evidence of their collaboration.

  4. Our functioning is open and the decisions are collective in nature. We request our members and residents to be careful in giving consent / signature in any documents brought by any individuals / groups.

  5. SARE SQUIRES is planning for cultural and sports activities for Independence Day (15-Aug-2017) celebrations. The events schedule will be finalized and circulated soon.

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